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Sunday, February 27, 2011

NEHEMIAH - Time to Build!

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Oh, how true that is –

We’re not supposed to live this life on our own. Of course, we have God with us, every step of the way. But we also have each other.

Today’s "Bible Pick ‘Ems" comes from the book of Nehemiah.

I just love it when God brings me a message in the middle of the Old Testament.

I found the verses He had led me to, but I read the chapters before to get some background information.

Jerusalem lies in ruins. The exiles have returned to their land, but it is in a decimated and ravaged condition.

But God laid a message on Nehemiah’s heart – He told him an audacious plan. He wanted Nehemiah to rebuild…

So, in the middle of the night, Nehemiah snuck out with a few other intrepid souls, to inspect the broken walls and burned gates of the city. Rubble was everywhere…

But Nehemiah did not see the impossibility in the ruined heaps

Because he had heard the Voice of the One who could turn it into a "Him-possibility." And now, in the quiet, wee hours of the night, he whispered to those few souls surrounding him…

"Psst. You know very well what trouble we’re in. But God has spoken to me. Let’s rebuild the wall and end this disgrace!"

And I just love how the friends replied…

"YES! Let’s rebuild the wall!"

So they began the good work…

No hesitation, no doubting, no committee meeting, no vote – unbridled enthusiasm and God-sized faith.

And boy oh boy – did they get busy!!

The entire 3rd chapter of Nehemiah is a listing of people who worked –
a Who’s Who of some of the faithful…

…each one working on "their section" – taking care of their responsibility.

Now Sanballat was very angry about this.

Sanballat was the governor of Samaria. He may have hoped to become governor of Judea as well, but Nehemiah’s arrival spoiled his plans.

Listen to his rant – "What does this bunch of poor, feeble Jews think they’re doing? Do they actually think they can make something out of stones from a rubbish heap – and charred ones at that?"

Well, yes – evidently that’s exactly what they thought – because God was with them.

Today’s "Bible Pick ‘Ems" comes from Nehemiah 4:4-6:

"Then I [Nehemiah] prayed, ‘Hear us, our God, for we are being mocked. May their scoffing fall back on their heads…for they have provoked you to anger here in front of the builders.’ At last the wall was completed to half its height around the entire city, for the people had worked with enthusiasm."

Friends, we are the Body of Christ – we are the builders. And we must work with enthusiasm and dedication.

We must work without fear –

We must work side by side, determined…each doing his or her part.

The enemy will be outraged by this – (isn’t that kinda motivation in itself?!)

He will mock us – but He will not stop us.

Let’s get out there and work on our section of the wall – doing what God has called us to do – our part. We’re working next to each other, alongside our brothers and sisters…

…and we have God with us, every step of the way.

Are you guys with me?

(Today I am linked with Spiritual Sundays, hosted by Charlotte and Ginger - and Super Sunday, hosted by Peggy)

“When in doubt, search God out!”


  1. Wonderful! I have actually had Nehemiah on the brain since your sleepless night. I'm considering it as one of three choices for our next indepth study in my SS class.

    Thanks be to God for your sleepless night. He spoke through it! I'm still sorry you couldn't sleep, but it did reap a harvest.

    I've thought much about building walls against the enemy since that post. I love that the first order of business was in Ezra when they returned and rebuilt the temple to abide inside of it.

    Oh the places God's Word takes me!!

    BTW, part of our lesson this morning was inspired by your Top Ten Bible Pick 'Em.

    So in the words of God through Paul, pray for me that God would open a door for the message.

  2. I always enjoy reading these every Sunday morning. Have a wonderful day, Sharon and let's go forth and build our wall!


  3. Blessings Sharon... Look at all the Lord spoke through Nehemiah and one "sleepless" night filled with God... The wall is rebuilt... we have one another by our side... can't wait to outrage the enemy (payback)!!! I'm with ya' !!!

    Love your inspiration and wisdom for the Bible. You sure can Pick 'Em...

    "But Nehemiah did not see the impossibility in the ruined heaps"... working on my section, even
    praying that God will open a door for the message for Debbie and the work ahead for the Nehemiah one you inspired!

    ...for the people worked with enthusiasm!
    It's time! The battle is on and the battle is the Lord's, we are just the REBUILDERS... working alongside each other, DETERMINED and "getting by with a little help from" our friends. May this be a SUPER Spiritual Sunday in the Son,Jesus Christ! Hope you are rested and enJoy a sweet REST today with Him.

    Peace, love and JOY,

  4. Hi, I'm visiting from Spiritual Sunday. Your post is inspirational and motivating to work with dedication and focus.


  5. Your post is so neat...Before I read it my dgt. was upset about one of her fish eating the new one. They definitely didn't figure out how to share the tank and work together. Ok wait....she just let out a cheer. That little fish was hiding in one of her toys in the tank. She went from blaming the old fish to apologizing. There's a lesson in here somewhere...Iknow it. ☺

  6. totally agree, Sharon; we must work together and we must work realizing we will be undefeated because God is for us not against us, so onward fellow builders!!


  7. Hi, I popped over from Spiritual Sunday. Thank you for sharing these encouraging Bible verses with us. And how fun to find another boomer with a granddog (or in my case several granddogs :) ). Have a blessed week.

  8. I just love the reading Nehemiah. It's a great example of what God can do with the rubble in our lives.

  9. I love the story of Nehemiah. That word "Him-possibility" will stay with me a long time.

  10. Yes Sharon, as we sang in church yesterday "I am building a people of power" that will move through this land by my spirit and will glorify my precious name. Yes I want to be part of it. God Bless you Sister. Nita.

  11. I've needed this, especially: We must work without fear.

    Forging ahead with God by my side :)


  12. Debbie - Prayers were sent your way. And thanks for your thought about building a wall against the enemy. I don't do that enough. Can't wait to hear where God leads you next. Please let me know. And thanks for stopping by - you know how much I appreciate it.

    Joan - Thanks for visiting. I had a wonderful Sunday, and I hope you did, too. As for working? Here's a few bricks for you, and could you hand me the trowel? Building right next to you!!

    Peggy - As always, I am so encouraged by your comments. I like how you called us the Rebuilders!! I'm going to remember that. And I am so happy to be standing by your side - doing the Lord's work "on our section!"

    Yoli - Thanks for visiting. And yes! You have listed the two key ingredients in doing our work. Dedication TO the Lord and focus ON Him!!

    Sarah - Oh yes! There is definitely a blog story in that! I had to smile - it was a cute story. You know, it also made me think that there are no small fish in God's Kingdom. We each have an important and integral job to do - so let's do what we are each called to do!

    Betty - Is there anything quite as wonderful as having God as our building "foreman"? I sometimes think I really need to stop myself and remember - GOD is on my side!! Yes, our work will not be defeated.

    MORE TO FOLLOW!! Keep going...

  13. Kaye - Thanks so much for stopping by! Oh, you love dogs, too!! I just posted something about Marty on my other blog yesterday. I can't believe how much he teaches me about God. I'm so glad that you found these words encouraging. The Lord is good - and He gives us each such strength to do His work, doesn't He?

    Wanda - I let my life fall into a bit of a rubble heap at one point. And I am living proof that God restores and rebuilds. Nehemiah is such an inspiring book, I agree. I just love how determined he was - and when he came up against opposition, he just became more determined!

    Pamela - What a pleasure to have you stop by! That word just popped into my head (thank you, Holy Spirit!). I'm glad that it meant something to you - I think about it often also - especially in some of my "impossible" situations!

    Nita - Oh amen! A people of power - that phrase just thrills me. I want to be strong and unafraid. And only through the strength of God, will I be able to work on my section of the wall!

    Lyn - I battle fear all the time. And sometimes the fear is worst when I am doing work for the Lord. But as you said, God is on our side. There is nothing He isn't capable of doing - we just need to be trusting and obedient.


  14. Thank you Sharon for this most encouraging post. We are the wall builders who must work without fear for the mission is of most importance and the enemy does hate it. But God is great.
    May God bless you,

  15. Ken - I am so pleased to know that this was encouraging for you. Yes, the mission is of utmost importance. And of course, working on building that wall is going to upset the enemy. That is why we need the strength of God - we cannot fight alone. And thank goodness, we NEVER have to!!


  16. I've always loved Nehemiah's story. My very first manuscript was a Bible study from Nehemiah. The book is filled with rich imagery and faith and has so much to teach us regarding our personal journeys with Jesus...

    Restoration being the key!

    Blessed weekend rest to you.


  17. What a great example Nehemiah is for all of us. When we know God wants us to do something, we shouldn't doubt that we can do it. We just need to go ahead and do it.

  18. Amen Sharon, the Lord has taught me the same lesson for years and I am still learning that lesson over and over again; that we need each other. We all need to do our part, beacuse that is all God is calling us to do. Thanks for sharing:)

  19. Elaine - Did you ever publish that manuscript? I am also inspired by Nehemiah - his determination really encourages me. I have had God do a major work of restoration on some "walls" in my life! I know what a Master Re-Builder He is! Hope you rest easy, too - let your body heal. And I'm encouraging you to work on that purple notebook!!

    Charlotte - Yes, that is the great message, isn't it? If God calls us to do something, He WILL provide the way for us to do it! Our obedience will accomplish much - He will use all of us to build that wall - despite the opposition!

    Toyin - In just the last year, God has brought three dear friends/sisters into my life. I am amazed at what God is doing in our lives, both separately and together. God created us to be in community - He made us the Body of Christ. Side by side, encouraging each other, inspiring each other, and sometimes doing a little holy exhorting! God will work - we just have to do our part!


  20. to build like Nehemiah ...

    Delighted to meet you today. Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you a bit more.


  21. Sarah - WELCOME! Take your time, splash around! Hope you come back again to visit sometime - the pool is always open, and the water's just fine!!



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