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Sunday, March 13, 2011

EZRA - Promises, Promises

New Year’s Eve – December 31, 1999.

The world was sitting on the brink of a new year, a new century, a new millennium.

And they were waiting for technological disaster.



The dreaded computer glitch that would supposedly happen when two-digit dating in ascending order – 97, 98, 99 – suddenly reset at 00.

People were convinced that the world would come to its knees.

It never did.

Was that because people took precautions and circumvented the disaster? Or because in the end, it was a lot of hype? Hard to say.

But – bottom line – it was a prediction that didn’t come true.

Today I want to tell you about another prediction. A prediction given by the prophet Isaiah. A prediction given by God, through Isaiah.

And of course, it came true.

"When I say of Cyrus, 'He is my shepherd,' he will certainly do as I say. He will command, 'Rebuild Jerusalem'; he will say, 'Restore the Temple.'"
(Isaiah 44:26)

It’s an amazing prediction – when you consider these facts:

It was predicted over 100 years before it happened
Cyrus had not been born yet
The Persian Empire had not yet come into power
The Israelites had not yet been taken away into exile
Jerusalem and its glorious Temple were still standing

Did the people scoff at Isaiah? Did they think him a fool?

And yet…everything happened just as he foretold - just as GOD foretold.

Today’s "Bible Pick ‘Ems" comes from the book of Ezra – and it tells of the fulfillment of this prediction.

Drum roll, please…

"In the first year of King Cyrus of Persia, the LORD fulfilled the prophecy…He stirred the heart of Cyrus to put this proclamation in writing and to send it throughout his kingdom…Then God stirred the hearts of the priests and Levites and the tribes of Judah and Benjamin to go to Jerusalem to build the Temple of the LORD." (Ezra 1:1, 5)

You know what I love about these verses?

God fulfilled His prophecy.

God stirred Cyrus to proclaim His plan.

God moved the hearts of His people to accomplish His purpose.

I am inspired by these three principles –

1. Every single one of God’s predictions and promises come true.
He can be counted on to be faithful to His Word.

2. Every single one of God’s plans will be accomplished.
He can be counted on to be faithful to His Will.

3. Every single one of God’s people will be empowered to do what He has called them to do. He can be counted on to be faithful to His Work.

When you face difficult situations and feel discouraged, it’s important to remember who God is.

He keeps His promises.

He accomplishes His plans.

He empowers His people to fulfill His purposes.

He knows what will happen – and He is in total control of the future.

What promises are you still looking forward to?

Believe it – they’re going to come true!!

The Bible tells us so…

(Today I am linked with Super Sunday, hosted by Peggy, and Spiritual Sundays, hosted by Charlotte and Ginger)

"When in doubt, search God out!"


  1. yes...yes...and yes to this. I love this Sharon. It's so empowering. Hope your weekend is the best.

  2. Praise the Lord for his promise,it keeps me going.

  3. Yep, I totally agree with you, Sharon; God will fulfill and keep all his promises. He always tells the truth and he always keeps his word. That's why it is so important to get the message out of Jesus and his saving grace because as well as the promises of restoration and redemption of the world when Jesus comes back, there is also that promise of wrath and judgment on the unbeliever; so we definitely need to keep spreading the Good News of Jesus!

    have a great Sunday!


  4. Thank You Lord that every single one of Your promises is Truth! Thank You Father that we can and DO count on You! I'm praying and BELIEVING!

    I praise You, O Lord for You are faithful to Your Word, to Your promises, in Your Will, by Your Power, in Your Work! Glory to Your Name!
    I stand aMazed by Your grace! I thank You that Y2K was not in Your plan! (huh?) but rebuilding Jerusalem... oh yeah!!! Praise You Father!!!

    Bless Sharon Father this wonderful Sunday for proclaiming Your message and hearing from You through Your Word! May every prayer uttered be according to Your Will and that we can be assured that You remain faithful to fulfill Your Promises!

    Thank You Lord for Sharon inspiring us with this empowering Bible Pick'em that You keep Your Promises, You accomplish Your plan, You empower us, Your people to accomplish and fulfill Your purpose, You make us to be Your hands and feet in Your Kingdom... You know the future and You are in control... yesterday, today and forever.
    We give You all the glory, honor and praise!

    Thank You that You are already making this a SUPER and SPIRITUAL SUNDAY through Your speaking to Sharon in others by Your Spirit and through their unique gift of Your Spirit alive in each of us! Use Sharon to continue blessing many in Jesus Name... and use each of us according to Your purpose and will in Your Kingdom. You are ALIVE and the Bible DOES tell us so... great is Your love and mercy and grace... pour forth MORE of You and rescue the many in need of knowing You, reach the many in Japan, bring hope and Your truth as we cry out... GREAT and MIGHTY are You, Lord Jesus... Father God and Holy Spirit, move... touch... reach... bless ... rebuild...
    restore... SHINE and FULFILL Your great plan in Jesus Name.

  5. I wonder if it's Providence that you were lead to Ezra, and so far that's the top "vote getter" from my class for our next in depth study (Well, either it or Nehemiah or both).

    I love this insight that you found in just the beginning of the book.

    I love the fact that I serve a God who has proven time and time again that he is faithful to his promises!

  6. It's wonderful to see how so many prophecies in the Bible have come to pass. It gives us assurance that those not fulfilled yet will be fulfilled in God's timing. Thank you for this reminder.

  7. So very true! Our God is awesome; He knows the beginning from the end.

  8. Sarah - Thanks. I also found these verses to be encouraging. God is in control, and He accomplishes His purposes. I find that very reassuring. I can depend on HIS faithfulness through everything!

    Ginger - God's promises. You're so right - how could we take another step in life without them? Fortunately, we'll never have to find out! He's there, He's faithful - to the very end.

    Betty - Your comment was so full of great thoughts. You're so right - it is because of God's complete and total trustworthiness, that we must get His message out. Saving grace is His biggest promise, and so many need to hear. Because as you said, there is also a judgment coming, too.

    Peggy - What a beautiful and powerful prayer. Thank you for that. The ending was inspirational. "move... touch... reach... bless ... rebuild...
    restore... SHINE and FULFILL Your great plan in Jesus Name." I'm shouting a big AMEN to that!

    Debbie - A faithful God. How He stands apart from all the other useless things we rely on - and all the fallible people that let us down (including ourselves). When I hear the phrase "Promises, promises" it usually means to me something like, "Yeah, right. Sure you're going to do it." But with God, it sorta sums up the theme of His Word, doesn't it?

    Charlotte - Yes, so true. If anyone has reason to be trusted because of their "track record" - it is certainly God. He fulfills His prophecies, and He keeps His promises. And as you said, that gives us the confident hope that in our future, all the blessings He has told us about will come true - including an eternity in His presence! Awesome!

    Ken - He knows the beginning from the end (I find that incredibly encouraging) - and He has it all under control (and that is tremendously comforting!). We can trust Him - forever.


  9. Amen Sharon, God does fufill his promises, it may not come when we want it, but it will be right there on time. I am trusting God for a few things, but I know it will happen acoording to his perfect timing:)

  10. Toyin - I also have a few things that I'm really counting on God for - and it's hard to wait. But as you said, trusting in His perfect timing is the only way to peaceful waiting!!



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